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Simplifying Time-Critical Medical Specimen Shipments

How to Prevent Costly Delays

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In our latest white paper, "How to Prevent Costly Delays for Time-Critical Medical Specimen Shipments", we share the current challenges labs and hospitals face with inefficient manual shipping processes and how to solve this costly, and sometimes life-threatening, problem.

Take a sneak peek at what to expect:

• Why medical shipments get delayed
The implications of delayed medical testing
How one lab solved critical STAT delays
 The lack of visibility for time-critical medical specimen shipments
How transparency and technology can ensure on-time deliveries

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Your time-critical shipment can get there faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

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Simplifying Time-Critical Medical Specimen Shipments

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Our specimens are precious and unique. If you lose that material, you can't perform a test.

This could be your one opportunity.

It may be irreplaceable, or only replaceable with risk involved.

Keith Kelly
Associate Vice President of Supply Chain, LabCorp Specialty Testing

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