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At Airspace, we’ve changed how logistics works. Airspace streamlined the transportation process because we understand that for you, failure is not an option. By eliminating human-error, we provide shippers direct access to trained, compliant operators allowing a transparent marketplace for real-time, critical charters.


Charter options across the US are currently available at rates up to 20% lower than industry standard. We have aircrafts from turbo props to jets widely available with 120-150 minutes position times in all of the US airports including the times that follow. 


Market Position Aircraft Type Position Time
ATL - Atlanta Jet and/or Turbo Prop 90 mins
CLT - Charlotte Jet and/or Turbo Prop 90 mins
DEN - Denver Jet 120 mins
DFW - Dallas  Jet and/or Turbo Prop 90 mins
DTW - Detroit Jet 120 mins
FXE - Ft. Lauderdale Jet, Turbo Prop, and/or Small AC's 90 mins
GSO - Greensboro Jet and/or Turbo Prop 90 mins
MSP - St. Paul  Jet 120 mins
LAX - Los Angeles Jet and/or Turbo Prop 120 mins
SEA - Seattle Jet and/or Turbo Prop 90 mins



Please Note: We also support charter out of Southern Florida headed anywhere including the Caribbean and Virgin Islands. 


If you have any questions regarding charter services, delays, your shipment's status, or verifying your shipment's routing, please reach out to the Operations team directly and we will assist: 855-524-7772 | ops@airspace.com. We hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to supporting you in any way we can. 

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